The Health Performance Institute (HPI)

Our Mission:

To eliminate the chronic conditions of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol from the general population by the year 2020!

You don’t need us to tell you that healthcare costs are a growing concern.

There isn’t a single company we work with or meet that doesn’t try to address this on an annual basis (at least).

But what you do need us to tell you is this:

We can help you!

What we do

We work with companies, both large and small, to help their employees reduce the number of prescription medications they take.

It’s not just any of the medications they take, it is those for three (or four) of the main chronic conditions. The ones that never go away. The ones that seem to get more expensive and taken by more employees each year.

Those chronic conditions:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Acid reflux (a separate program)

Based on our above stated mission, each and every day we get up and try to figure out more ways we can help more people.

How we work toward our mission

We accomplish this with a program called The Academy, an educational program focused on food, sleep, stress and exercise.

We know what you are thinking: “Great, another run-of-the-mill wellness program.”

Nope, not even close!

Here are a couple of (many possible) examples that set us apart:

First, we start by focusing on How and Why the body gets hungry. We have found no other program that does this, probably because they don’t understand it. From there, everything we teach regarding food focuses on hunger and improving health.

And you know what? You can eat great-tasting food this way!

A second example: We don’t think jogging is an appropriate activity for most people.

We cover the reasons for this in our module on exercise.


You can get more information on our outcomes at The Academy page, but the two images below give you an idea of our typical outcomes.

From these, you can see that on a pre- and post-basis, we eliminate approximately 40% of the targeted medications and anywhere from 13% to 29% of the targeted conditions.

So the questions is…

Can we do this for your company?

The answer is: Probably!

To get an answer different than probably, we need some information from you, which will allow us to determine how helpful we may or may not be. Together, we can make that determination within 10 minutes.