6 hours of Mozart!

One of the many recommendations we have for managing stress is through background music. Here is a favorite from our Classical Music Playlist on Youtube.

Start the video, find a volume for background music that suits you and just let it go. It’s 6+ hours, so it will go almost a full work-day. At 15+ million views, a lot of people are doing just that.

You can work to this, you can study to this and you can probably even fall asleep to this (we don’t recommend that at work).

And see…you just thought YouTube was for watching people do stupid stuff.

Enjoy and if you have a favorite classical music video, share in the comments below. We’ll add it to our playlist!

A note on our classical music playlist. If/When you search “Classical Music” at YouTube, you will get over 1 million hits. That’s a lot! Our playlist contains only 7 videos, but it is more than 25 hours of music. Plus, we tried to pick videos with excellent sound quality and longer than 1 hour. Just like this one!


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