The HPI Type 2 Diabetes Coaching Program

Quick Summary: Type 2 Diabetes Coaching Program
When We start week of October 2, 2017
Enrolling Now through the day we start
Where Online – so anywhere you have an internet connection
Focus Improving insulin resistance
Benefits Better blood sugar control through increased insulin sensitivity
Features Weekly online meetings / coaching calls, too many bonuses to mention, materials, videos, audio, recipes and more

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It sucks being a type 2 diabetic!

Controlling your blood sugar is stressful!

Everyone says you are going to have diabetes for the rest of your life!

You are hungry and can’t seem to get satisfied.

You are stressed out, can’t sleep and never really feel rested.

Medications are EXPENSIVE!!!!!

The list goes on…. and

It’s no fun!

Everyone and everything is against you

We live in an environment that is constantly pushing us to make poor health choices. We focus on HOW MUCH food to eat rather than WHAT we eat. We focus on convenience because we are all busy.

We focus on the wrong things, too!

This leads to serious problems.

Did you know that over 50% of the adult population in the US has some form of type 2 diabetes? They’ve either been diagnosed, have pre-diabetes or have type 2 diabetes and don’t know it.

When we, as a society, focus on HOW MUCH we eat versus WHAT we eat and make decisions based on convenience, this is what happens.

Further, a recent report from JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) found that type 2 diabetes is the most expensive condition to have and to treat – even more expensive than cancer! Are you ready to part with your money? Medication is expensive! Down the road, kidney, vision, liver, circulatory and other problems are lurking. All of this is expensive. Not to mention, the likelihood of dialysis at some point.

But it gets worse!

You have probably been told and likely believe that elevated blood sugar is the problem with type 2 diabetes.

After all, every healthcare professional you have met or spoken with has emphasized the importance of controlling your blood sugar. Right?

Finding the right dose and type of medication that works for you is all geared towards controlling blood sugar. So it is natural that you would think this.

But elevated blood sugar is not the problem in type 2 diabetics

Elevated blood sugar is a symptom of the problem.

By targeting a symptom, the cause never gets better (and likely worsens over time). This is precisely why all of those “other problems” are part of the type 2 diabetes picture. Since the problem is not being addressed, the body stays sick and becomes more susceptible.

So… Yes, you will be diabetic for the rest of your life, unless you do something different.

Fair warning: If you don’t do something different, big problems are lurking.

How About Some Good News?

Amongst all of this doom and gloom, there is good news!

We understand what you are going through – the stress of controlling your blood sugar, worrying about what to eat, wondering why your blood sugar is high or low, etc… All of this stress comes from focusing on the wrong thing – blood sugar.

We need to get you focused on right thing – insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance – aka Type 2 Diabetes – is what causes elevated blood sugar. When your blood sugar elevates, the job of insulin is to bring it back down to normal levels. When you have insulin resistance, your insulin is “resistant” to doing this job. So your blood sugar stays elevated. Diabetes medication works to reduce blood sugar but it doesn’t do anything to improve insulin resistance. This is why your condition will never improve if you keep doing what you have been doing.

But, and this is important, by changing a few things – like the foods you eat and the kind of exercise you do – you can improve insulin resistance. When you do this, your body starts getting better at managing blood sugar naturally.

This is the ideal situation. It’s also what you should want because your body will be healthier, stronger and in a better position to prevent “all those other things” that come along with type 2 diabetes.

But no one is telling you how to do this – not Weight Watchers, not the Diabetes Educator, not the Diabetes Prevention Program – none of them. These programs focus on HOW MUCH you eat, not WHAT you eat. So the problem remains and you have to go fill your prescription.

HPI Type 2 Diabetes Coaching Program

Our number one objective in this coaching program is to improve insulin resistance. Period. End of discussion.

Every recommendation we have for you is done so with this in mind. This is done to help you, your body and to improve your condition.

This isn’t some secret sauce or magic potion. This is a real, nuts-and-bolts coaching program, focused on helping you make the right decisions. This program was developed out of necessity. Brian Sekula, our CEO, watched as his mom suffer with type 2 diabetes for several years. The last few years of her life were rather sad, with pain in her legs, sores that wouldn’t heal, an amputation below the knee and failing kidneys, it was tough to watch. What made it worse was the treatment and advice she received from health and medical professionals – essentially the same advice you are being given now, just to an extreme level. It’s all contrary to common metabolic sense.

Unfortunately, what happened to her is all too common in type 2 diabetics.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This coaching program can help you reverse the course, so that you can live a happy and productive life.

It is your duty and responsibility to take care of you!

To do that properly, you have to change things. The first thing you have to change is your focus – focus on improving insulin resistance by choosing the right foods and doing the right kind of exercise. This 6-week coaching program helps you do just that!

6 weeks – New Focus!

The HPI Type 2 Diabetes Coaching Program is a 6-week online program. Of those six weeks, five of them are spent on food – it’s the most important first step in regaining your focus. We talk about how and why your body gets hungry. Then we focus on carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Finally, we focus on exercise, with recommendations geared towards improving your body’s ability to burn fat. All of these recommendations are focused on improving insulin resistance.

Here is what you get when you enroll:

  • Weekly Online Meetings / Coaching Calls: There are six of these, with one per week and each of them focused on one of the six topics listed below. We will provide background on the topic, tell you why it is important and go over the guidelines on what to do for each week. We record these and post them to the website so you can go back and view them again. These are also posted in case you have to miss one, which we STRONGLY discourage!
  • Private Facebook Group: You will become a member of our private Facebook group. Only those in this coaching program or one of our other programs can become members. This will be a great place for you to interact and get support from us and other members.
  • 1-year membership to our website: Our website is where all of the material is stored. This is where you can find all of the reading material, guides, audio, video and more.
  • Reading material for each topic is on the website. The reading material provides background information on why we make the recommendations we make. This is important to read so you understand what we are doing.
  • Weekly Guides are available for each topic. These tell you exactly what to do at each step along the way. These are also available to download, so you can print them out and put them in a notebook.
  • Audio: Most of our work is with corporations and their employees. We go on-site and deliver presentations on these topics. We record the audio when we do these presentations. There is audio available for each topic on the website.
  • A blood sugar guide so you know what to look for as your insulin resistance improves.
  • Recipe Ebook: This is available as a PDF. It contains 25 of our most popular recipes – all of them compliant with our recommendations in this coaching program.
  • Bonus Material: There is also A TON of bonus material for each of the weekly topics – handouts for foods and specific food groups, sample shopping lists, meal planning and meal prep documents, tracking sheets for exercise, exercise instruction documents with pictures and a whole lot more.

Weekly Topics Covered

Weeks 1 and 2: Hunger – How and Why

Dealing with hunger is not just about willpower. Your body communicates with your brain by sending signals. These signals can mean you are hungry or they can mean you are full. The food choices you make influence this communication system. It’s important for you to understand how this works, so that you can eat food that decreases your hunger levels. When you are less hungry,
you will eat fewer calories.

Our first online meeting will focus on the physical aspect of this. We will tell you how to fix your breakfast, lunch and dinner so that your body sends different signals to your brain. The second online meeting will focus on the mental side (the why). This is also important, because even when your body is telling your brain that you are full, you can still feel hungry. We address these issues in Week 2.

Week 3: Carbohydrates

In this topic we tell you what are the most important carbohydrates to eat, how much of them to eat and which ones to avoid. We do all of this from the perspective of your blood sugar – what happens to it when you eat certain foods. You will also learn a new term: Metabolic Sugar. We use this term to describe foods that act like sugar in your body, even though they don’t taste sweet. There are a lot of them!

Week 4: Fats

We tell you which fats to eat and which ones to cook with. It’s rather eye-opening, including the fact that most are surprised to learn they put Crisco on their toast. You probably do too!

Week 5: Protein

This week you will learn how much protein you should be eating daily. We also tell you which of these four proteins is best: chicken, seafood, beef and pork. Can you guess which we might think is the best?

Week 6: Exercise

In the final week of the program, we get to another important component of health: Exercise. Here we discuss the best way to exercise so you can improve insulin resistance. We also give you three exercise goals.


To reiterate: The main objective of this coaching program is to improve insulin sensitivity.

None of our recommendations will require you to eat special foods, purchase special supplements or do anything out of the norm. You can purchase everything you eat at your local grocery store. And the meals you create based on our recommendations will be from foods you like and they will taste good too! You also don’t need a gym membership to achieve any of the exercise goals we have for you. In the bonus material for exercise, there are documents that show you how to do a bunch of different exercises without equipment. You can, literally, develop a safe and effective workout that you can do in your living room!

What we are doing with this coaching program is “coaching” you on how you can improve insulin resistance by focusing on the right foods to eat and doing the right kind of exercise.

It is your duty and responsibility to take care of you

Yeah, I said this earlier. But it’s important.

You are not here to be sick! You are here to be healthy, happy and productive. You need you. Your family needs you. And many others need you. So it is your duty and responsibility to take care of you so that all these people that need you can rely on you.

Your first step in completing your duty is to enroll in this coaching program.

Do that below.

Finally, it is important for you to know that we offer a money-back guarantee. Just as it is your duty and responsibility to take care of you, it is our duty and responsibility to ensure you have the best environment, information and guidance to get better. That’s what we’ve done with this coaching program. If you enroll, follow our recommendations and nothing happens, we will refund your money.

Two options to enroll

Option 1: $97

Everything mentioned here is included in this option.

Option 2: $697 – with 1-on-1 coaching

This includes everything in Option 1 with an additional 6, 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Some of us need a little more help. A little more guidance. A little more focus. If this describes you, this option is for you. There are 6 additional, 1-on-1 coaching calls / online meetings included with this option. You have 1-year to use them.

Note: If you are an employer and interested in this program for your employees, we can offer you a hybrid/customized version. Contact us via email and we will assist you.

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