HPI Monthly Webinar Series

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We started our monthly webinar series in January of 2016.

We did this for a few reasons. First, so we can all understand why wellness rarely – if ever – provides tangible results (more on this below). Second, as a way to understand there is more to health than calories in (diet) and calories out (exercise). Finally, as a way to identify programs and services that will help us, our employees and our customers.

So in one sentence…

The purpose of this webinar series is to share information and tools on corporate wellness that have positive outcomes so we can make better wellness-related decisions.

There are issues with the current state of wellness

We cover most of these in a presentation on Why Wellness Fails. You can view an online version of the presentation here or a recording of a live webinar done here.

But briefly, some of the problems with wellness include:

  • Sameness: All of the programs are essentially the same. They may differ on delivery or some other aspect, but the end user (our employees) get the same program. It is important we realize this – whether the program comes from a broker, insurance provider or vendor – almost no discernible difference in key points.
  • A lack of engagement: For those needing our help the most (based on incidence and prevalence data, it’s a lot of people), there is little to no engagement. This is a serious issue on many levels because they didn’t just wake up like this today. Since this has been a long, slow and frustrating process, they’ve also had plenty of time to try just about every option under the sun. So why should they sign up for another program? They know the drill and message – it’s the same one repeated everywhere and one they’ve told themselves countless times.
  • The Blame Game: This may be the worst and we are all guilty of it. We tend to view people as failures when they are unable to have success. In the end, we tend to think “They just like taking their medications” or “They don’t have enough willpower.” It is important to understand there are scientific reasons many individuals are unable to follow a standard dietary prescription. When we blame them, we are attaching psychological reasoning to a physiological problem. This is not an effective solution in the long-term.

This is the current state of wellness. It’s why we rarely see positive outcomes and it’s also why it is so frustrating.

The HPI Monthly Webinar Series

Our objective is to replace that frustration with confidence and happiness!

Each month, we will offer a brand new webinar to highlight some of the best practices in wellness. And we will provide you with tools so you can test them yourself. For example, one of our webinars is on Sleep. We provide you with a sleep tips sheet that you can send to your employees, which will help them sleep better right away. We all know how important sleep is to health and this provides it.

We do this each and every month for every webinar.

And we would love for you to get involved and help us accomplish these goals. To do that, sign up for our webinar series alerts below.

And when you have completed the sign-up process, we will send you information on accessing previous webinars we have conducted.