HPI Diabetes Academy


What is the HPI Diabetes Academy?

It is almost identical to The Academy, with two exceptions.

First, the HPI Diabetes Academy is completely focused on Type 2 Diabetes. The Academy is focused on type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Second, anyone can enroll and take the program online. When done this way, the seminars are delivered through webinars.

Whether you are a type 2 diabetic, have pre-diabetes or are at risk because of family history, we have two main objectives that will make your life easier and healthier.

Objective #1: Reduce the stress, worry and confusion in your life and bring confidence to the choices you have to make.

Objective #2: Take you through, step-by-step, a lifestyle program that will improve insulin sensitivity, which will also improve your health. This, hopefully, will lead to one of two positive outcomes: 1) An increase in the likelihood that you will be able to reduce or eliminate some of your prescription medications; or, 2) A decrease in the likelihood of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes if you have a family history or are pre-diabetic.

So why enroll in the HPI Diabetes Academy?

Have you ever struggled with any of the following?

  • Wondering what to eat so your blood sugar doesn’t skyrocket?
  • The “Dawn Phenomenon” where you have no clue as to why you wake up with a higher blood sugar than when you went to bed, even though you haven’t eaten anything?
  • What kind of exercise to do? Should you walk? Should you jog? Should it be something in between? What, exactly, is the kind of exercise you should be doing as a type 2 diabetic?
  • Struggled with what to order at restaurants?
  • Wondering what to cook at home?

If you have struggled with any or all of these, then the HPI Diabetes Academy is for you. We address all of these things and more.

Here is an email sent to our support desk by one of our current members.

Beyond the struggles and worries, there is a more important reason to be concerned. Our President-CEO and founder, Brian Sekula, lost his mom to type 2 diabetes. It is not pretty. Figuring out how to control your blood sugar is a big enough worry on its own, but then the underlying worries, like what may or may not happen to your eyesight, whether or not your kidneys will stop working, monitoring the healing progress of a sore on your leg or foot are all major issues. On top of all that, type 2 diabetes raises your risk for practically every other metabolic condition imaginable. So there is a lot to be concerned with as a type 2 diabetic.

Believe us when we tell you that worrying about all of these things on top of trying to control your blood sugar is very stressful (As if you didn’t know). And stress just makes everything worse. Forget all that it does to your mental state (focus, irritability, mood, etc…), the metabolic effects are worse. Much worse!

This program can help. It can decrease or eliminate all of the struggles mentioned above. This removes doubt and worry. When the doubt and worry are gone, so is almost all of the stress. Read through some of our blog posts on type 2 diabetes. Or visit our Facebook page to read some of what we have posted on type 2 diabetes. You can also find some before and after pics and testimonials there. You can see additional before and after pics and video and email testimonials on our testimonials page.


All of this has been accomplished by using this program to teach people, give them confidence and provide positive outcomes, so that our two objectives are met. Now this information is right at your fingertips!

A few details on the HPI Diabetes Academy

We cover 10 different modules over the course of this program. Here is the list:


We start with hunger. This is important! Because no matter what anyone tells you, hunger is NOT about willpower. You CAN eat to decrease hunger. In fact, 85% of our members report being less hungry after two weeks of following our recommendations. Since they are less hungry, they consume fewer calories.

When you focus on calories, it gives you wiggle room: “Let’s see, I can have some cookies because I have saved up some calories today!” Sound familiar? But when you eat a lot of foods that don’t have a positive impact on hunger (believe me, you eat more of these foods than you know), it’s not the cookie! It’s everything else because those foods make you hungry. And you eat. Then you rinse and repeat. You feel like a hamster running on the wheel; IT NEVER STOPS!

This is why focusing on How and Why you get hungry is important. Because without this focus, you are ALWAYS hungry and NEVER satisfied.

We cover each of the modules with webinars. They are included and we highly encourage you to attend and participate. Don’t worry. If you miss, they are recorded. So you can log in and view them at any time. Not listed but also offered through webinars is a Food Recap module. We offer this at two difference time points – somewhere around Modules 5 and 6 (when all the food topics have been covered) and then again around Module 9 (right before we get to the Final Food Plate).

You also get to join our private Facebook group. This is available ONLY to members of The Academy or the HPI Diabetes Academy. The private group is a place where you can go and ask questions, meet people, see other solutions and learn more. It’s a great support network.

The rest of the details…

There is more information you need, like the weekly emails, access to the website, your membership, recipes, reading material, online videos and more. All of this is spelled out on the confirmation page, which you will be taken to once you enroll.

What you get for the $349 registration

Everything mentioned above! Plus, the confidence and reduced stress start right away.

If you aren’t ready to register yet, sign up for our email list to stay up-to-date on HPI and the HPI Diabetes Academy. Eventually, we think you will be ready to enroll.