Current Special

August 1, 2017

Current specials on The Academy (both online and in-person) through September 2017.


Hi There!

As someone responsible for either the balance sheet or health benefits plan at your place of business, you understand exactly how expensive healthcare is. Further, you’ve probably tried many things – either from your carrier, TPA, consultant or whomever, but none of them worked. There are very good reasons for this but they’re for another day and time.

But, suffice to say, we at the Health Performance Institute don’t put up with such nonsense from other programs. We do what works and what is in the best interest of all involved – including us, employers and their employees. This allows us to have outcomes significantly better than anyone in the marketplace.

If you have been contemplating The Academy for your employees, these incentives should be enough to let you “kick the tires” and, at the very least, get a pilot program going to test the results.

The Incentives

Each and every day we wake up with the intent of helping as many people as we can. Periodically, we run specials like these so that we can exponentially increase our reach to help even more people.

There are two ways you can enroll, to help us expand our reach and to assist your employees in getting the help they need. See the table and descriptions below.

Two different incentives

We have two different ways The Academy can be implemented in your company: in-person or online. The only difference between these two options is delivery. For the in-person, we deliver presentations to your employees on-site – at your place of business. Getting in front of your employees is a great way to deliver our message. For the online, all material is delivered through online meetings. The table below shows the incentives. Below the table is additional information.


Current Incentives
Program Type Incentive Requirement
In-Person $379 per person Deposit
Online – less than 200 $65 per person 100 minimum enrolled
Online – 200-500 $58 per person 250 minimum enrolled
Additional Details

For the in-person incentive, the required deposit is $5,000.00 with a minimum enrollment of 50 employees. The agreement and deposit must be received by October 2, 2017. See below for additional information on your deposit.

For either of the online incentives, the agreement and payment of minimum enrollment are needed by October 2, 2017.

To take advantage of this incentive and secure a spot for your company, do the following:

  • Send us an email or reply to the email sent to you from Brian Sekula and/or the Health Performance Institute. In your reply, tell us you want to enroll in the incentive and tell us which one – in-person or online.
  • We will prepare the agreement and send it to you via email. The agreement needs to be signed by someone at your company and sent back to us. Instructions for doing this are included in the agreement.
  • The agreement will also include the amount due and instructions for submitting your payment.

If you have questions about any of these steps, just reply to any of the emails we sent you and ask away. We will help you!

Important information about your payment

Regardless of which incentive you choose, you have until March 1, 2018 to start The Academy (We also need to know your start date by January 1, 2018.

That might seem confusing. Here is some explanation: From the HPI perspective, the start date is important. But…we also need time prior to your employees starting to complete back-end work on our website. Hence, the two dates above. You have until March 1, 2018 to start the program but we need to know by January 1, 2018 so we can be sure and complete that back-end work in time. Also of note: These are deadline dates. You can always start sooner and let us know sooner too.

If the above is confusing, we are happy to clarify.

Finally, your deposit or minimum payment will be credited to your account once the final numbers are known. For example, let’s say you want to enroll 100 of your employees in the in-person version. Once we start, we will submit a final invoice reflecting the amount due. This amount will reflect your deposit and total enrolled. There will also be payment options on the invoice

If you have any questions or would like to sign-up for one of these incentives, send us an email or reply to the email sent directly to you.

Remember, these incentives run only through September 2017.