Category: Stress

Is Diabetes Forever

Is type 2 diabetes forever? It’s what type 2 diabetics are told from the time they are diagnosed. For too many, the answer is yes. The answer can also be maybe or no. Since these answers aren’t really saying much, let me explain. Is type 2 diabetes forever? Yes! If you have followed any of…
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12 Days of Diabetes from HPI

The 12 Days of Diabetes from the Health Performance Institute! Continue on to learn more about it. Starting December 12 and finishing December 23, we will host a FB Live video each day. The videos will be short – 3-5 minutes – and will discuss some of the things type 2 diabetics struggle with on…
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6 hours of Mozart!

One of the many recommendations we have for managing stress is through background music. Here is a favorite from our Classical Music Playlist on Youtube. Start the video, find a volume for background music that suits you and just let it go. It’s 6+ hours, so it will go almost a full work-day. At 15+…
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